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Running the Django Test Suite Under IronPython

I've tried to make it as simple as possible to run the Django test suite on IronPython. The only prerequisite that you should need is a copy of IronPython 2.6; I recommend the installed version as it comes the standard library.

The first step is to get the necessary projects: django-ironpython and django-ironpython tests:

hg clone
hg clone

Check django-ironpython-tests\testenv.cmd to make sure that the paths there match your system, especially the IronPython path. The latest version uses the sqlite3 backend (thanks to an included IronPython.SQLite) and everything it needs is included in django-ironpython-tests.

If you want to test against MS SQL Server, you can use django-mssql (also included) instead of sqlite3. By default it expects an SQL Server instance at localhost\SQLEXPRESS, but that can be changed by editing settings\ Download and install SQL Server Express (2005 or 2008) with the default options and change the DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE variable in testenv.cmd to 'django_test.settings.mssql' to run the tests on SQL Server.

Finally, we can run the tests:

rem Run the entire test suite

rem Run individual tests
runtests forms model_forms

Most of the tests currently pass; those that don't mostly fail because of doctest formatting issues. That said, run the tests, see what breaks, file issues on it, and provide patches.