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Jeff Hardy
Fix sqlite_version constant.
Jeff Hardy
Update to latest CPython sqlite3 module.
Jeff Hardy
Update build script to work with 2.7 and .NET 4.0.
Jeff Hardy
Update to latest version of c#-sqlite (09a4c42b93e1).
Jeff Hardy
Update version and copyright information. Version is now and copyright includes 2011.
Handle non-64-bit IronPython intallations
Centralize the library version in the psake file
Upgrade to Visual Studio 2010
Jeff Hardy
More fixes to the psake script
Jeff Hardy
Remove the old runtests scripts in favor of psake
Jeff Hardy
Improve the psake build script
Jeff Hardy
Add first draft of a psake build script
Jeff Hardy
Change the layout of the code to make it a little cleaner
Add implementation of Connection.iterdump, but sqlite3.dump._iterdump doesn't seem to work (asserts).
Make Cursor and Row objects iterable by implementing IEnumerable.
initial release
Add note on where to put sqlite3 dir.
Add a readme.
Make using statments consistent & add licence information to files that were missing it.
Remove unused file
Improve retries when closing the database & it's waiting for statements to be finalized.
Throw expected error on non-string operation in Cursor.execute*
Use dynamic name lookup in Connection.__exit__
Enable full test suite
Use public API for creating Python exceptions
Improve Row object compatibility
Add handy extension methods
Improve handling of errors from user functions
Switch to using Python exceptions generated at runtime instead of CLR exceptions
Add aggregate support
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