IronPython.SQLite 2.6.1

IronPython.SQLite is a port of pysqlite (http://pysqlite.googlecode.com/) to
IronPython using the C#-SQLite library (http://csharp-sqlite.googlecode.com/).
This provides a purely managed implementation of the sqlite3 module.

To use IronPython.SQLite, copy IronPython.SQLite.dll into the 'DLLs' folder in
your IronPython directory. If there is no 'DLLs' folder (and there isn't by
default), just create one.

Next, copy the sqlite3 folder into the Lib directory of your IronPython
installation. This is the same as the sqlite3 directory from Python 2.6.

Once it is installed, it's just like using the built-in sqlite3 module:

>>> import sqlite3
>>> cx = sqlite3.connect(":memory:")

See http://docs.python.org/library/sqlite3.html for more information on using
the sqlite3 module.
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