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miv / Todo

1.0 Goals

  • Clean up function definitions. Specifically to ANSI C style (variable types in parameter declaration)
  • Fully remove support for ancient OS's (#defines, all the #ifdef'd code, all the OS-specific source files, etc). OS's (currently) losing support:
    • OS2 DONE
    • Windows (if people want it, they can use "real" vim)
    • DOS
    • Amiga DONE
    • Mac Classic DONE
    • RiscOS DONE
  • Replace default vimrc with one based on the one we all use.
  • Rename binary to miv (still under consideration. Do we want to confuse people and possibly mess up Vim installs or should we just tell confused people to alias it in their shell?)
  • Remove some pointless GUI supports.
    • Photon
    • Carbon
    • Athena DONE
  • Remove features deemed useless.

That's all for now, possibly more OS and UI support will be removed in the future.

2.0 Goals

  • Pull from Vim 7.4 (?)
  • Rework some of the code, possibly using/requiring libmowgli and some of its more complex data structures.
  • Split out source files to not have 4000-10000 line files.