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I use trac2rst to help me in the task to pass documentacion from trac to sphinx (reStructuredText). I usally copy the trac wiki page to a temporaly file, run the script, copy the output to the new rest file and do manual changes.


The idea is use this tool to do the more tedious work (I mean transforming lists, links and inliners). You must review and fix the result later.

It only processes:
  • Headers (sections at 4 levels)
  • Lists (bullets and numbered)
  • Trac links.
  • A subject of trac and rest inliners
It does NOT support (a lot):
  • Trac macros
  • Trac processors
  • Links between wiki pages
  • Rest definition lists, etc
  • Preformatting
  • Images
  • Tables
  • Footnotes
  • Anchors
  • Citations
  • Comments
  • A lot more ...

Usage example

Type trac2rst --help

You can view a simple wiki transfomation (used for manual test):

$ bin/trac2rst -i src/trac2rst/tests/wikitext.txt -u  -o /tmp/test.rst && rst2html /tmp/test.rst /tmp/test.html && firefox /tmp/test.html


This is a quick and dirty tool. It does not use reST or wiki processor. The work is done using regular expressions.


trac2rst is offered under the MIT license.


trac2rst is made available by Yaco Sistemas

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