webappkit / changelog.txt



- added kit simpletest, with a temporary MySQL database tool
- unit tests for kit webappkit
- unit tests for kit datapath
- unit tests for kits databeans/databean, databeans/datetime
- PHP5 version for Databean
- units tests for pathnode/common
- pathnodes/common: filenode->move(), filenode->slugifyPath(), filenode->chmod()
- renamed kit django/templates to dj/tpl
- dj/tpl: added tag ifincollection
- dj/tpl: added tags extends, block : template inheritance (uses storage mechanism)
- webappkit: modifed WakTool constructor, replaced $name arg by optional $cfg arg, which is now loaded by owner kit.
- some work on webappit/engine


- new separator is . (dot) for nesting levels in kits id, but / is still supported
  ex. databeans.datetime instead of databeans/datetime
- web admin interface, protected by http authentication.
- PHP 5 is now the reference version. Changes are then backported to PHP 4.
- Exceptions used for error handling and diagnostics
- tutorials within the web admin + on web site
- i18n : french+english for admin + web site


- better unit tests integration. Add a SimpleTestTool to your kits and run them within the admin interface.
- kit diagnostics on the admin
- refining admin interface, adding icons, breadcrumb etc
- (PHP5) lazy loading for classes and tools. Loaded weight counter.
- tutorials updated


- introduced interfaces : iWakKit, iWakTool and iWakStorage.
- Splitted Webappkit class into Webappkit (API, static methods only) and WakKit, kit instances.
- some reorganisation into core library files
- changes to WakStorage implementation, and new unit tests.
- renamed WakTool::factory() to toolFactory(), renamed WakTool->cfg to WakTool::$default_cfg
- worked on webappkit.db (link, querytpl, mapper)
- started work on webappkit.fs (filesystem libraries)
- edit tools config within web admin interface


- changed wak.ini format to support kit versions
- webappkit.admin : create kit
- WakTool class : default config no more in $default_cfg, uses directly $cfg
- unit testing not running as a tool, will be a kit specification (tests/ directory)
- unit testing runs tests/setup.sql before tests, and tests/teardwon.sql after tests
- added dj.tpl tags sum, now, alphabet
- added webappkit.db.query
- moved webappkit.db.result to, backported to PHP4
  PHP5 version uses now mysqli library
- backported webappkit.fs.core to PHP4
- added webappkit.fs.image
- added dj.forms