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+Translation Submission Guidelines
+To create a translation, the easiest way to start is to run:
+ $ python init_catalog --locale <your locale>
+Which will copy the template to the right location. To run that
+sub-command, you need Babel and setuptools/distribute installed.
+.po files:
+ - must be a valid utf-8 text file
+ - should have the header filled out appropriately
+ - should translate all messages
+You probably want to try compile_catalog and try loading your
+translations up to verify you did it all right.
+The best ways to submit your translation are as a pull request on bitbucket, or
+an email to, with the file included as an attachment.
+utf-8 text may not format nicely in an email body, so please refrain from
+pasting the translations into an email body, and include them as an attachment
+instead. Also do not post translation files in the issue tracker text box, or
+onto the mailing list either, because again formatting may be broken.