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Nemesis 2: Nebula Full Movie Hindi Download


Foo It has been 73 years since Alex failed and the Humans lost the Cyborg Wars. Since then, the Humans have been enslaved. Scientists have developed a new DNA strain, which could signal the end of the Cyborgs, and they inject it into a volunteer. When the Cyborgs learn of the woman and the baby they list both for termination. To escape, she takes a stolen Cyborg ship and transports back in time to East Africa in 1980, where the mother is killed, but the baby is saved. It takes 20 years, but the Cyborg bounty hunter Nebula finally locates the girl, named Alex, and travels back in time to terminate her. If this is the first of the &quot;Nemesis&quot; films that you have seen, then I strongly urge you to proceed no further. The sequels to &quot;Nebula&quot; prove to be no better...hard to believe considering this entry is bottom-of-the-barrel. This movie tries, but it&#39;s just not worth your time, folks. Take a nap instead. And that is the only reason I posses this DVD. Now I haven&#39;t seen the first Nemesis film, but I did check the info out of it and I here by say: What? Why? Because in the first film Alex was male. But then again the first one was set in the future, so maybe this Alex is brand new one and the scientist just happened to make Alex female this time. Who knows, at least it wasn&#39;t addressed in the film in any way.<br/><br/>Here&#39;s a quick summary of the plot: Alex, still a baby then (or how ever you want, as it was, is, in the future) escapes with her mom using a special time vessel and ends up in the 80&#39;s Africa. There mommy gets killed and Alex (Sue Price) grows up in a African tribe. Then the tribe gets slaughtered by a cyborg from the future and Alex then runs and hides and finally she kills the cyborg. So there. Does sound familiar, doesn&#39;t it?.<br/><br/>Terminator isn&#39;t the only film being ripped here, Predator gets its fair share too and I think the first Fly movie, the Vincent Price one, gets special nomination for giving a solid base to build up your cyborgs head from.<br/><br/>Lets see, what else? Okay, the film was quite standard small budget flick, but it did have bad special effects for a mid 90&#39;s film. It would have looked okay for a 80&#39;s flick how ever. Biggest problem is the plot. Things just happen and the viewer is barely interested. Nemesis 2 isn&#39;t the crappiest piece of cinema I&#39;ve had pleasure (?) to watch but it does come damn close.<br/><br/>I won&#39;t say a thing about acting, because let&#39;s be honest here: did anyone expect Oscar worthy performances here? Oh well... at least I did find Sue Price hot in that amazonian warrior way.<br/><br/>A &quot;real&quot; movie rating: 2/10 There isn&#39;t a lot of pros about the over all quality. And despite of the very basic plot the film it self makes very little sense.<br/><br/>A camp movie rating: 4/10 I did get occasional laughs from the sheer badness of the film, so it does have small merits in it.


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