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-py.test/pylib 1.3.1: new py.test.xfail, better reporting, fixes
+py.test/pylib 1.3.1: new py.test.xfail, --maxfail, better reporting
-The 1.3.1 release introduces several bug fixes and brings shorter, 
-more concise tracebacks in some cases where it displayed a lot of info. 
-It also further improves compatibility on Jython and PyPy where now virtually
-all py.test features are supported.  If you used 1.2.1 or 1.3.0 you should
-be able to upgrade to 1.3.1 without changes to your test source code. 
-See the below CHANGELOG entry below for more details and 
+The 1.3.1 release introduces a new imperative way to "xfail" a test 
+and a new option --maxfail=NUM to limit the number of executed tests
+in case of failures.  This backward-compatible release also brings shorter, 
+more concise tracebacks in several cases.  The underlying code has been 
+simplified and now is compatible to Jython and PyPy, along with some bug 
+fixes and refinemnts that have been applied to CPython's code base. 
+If you used older versions of py.test you should be able to upgrade 
+to 1.3.1 without changes to your test source code.  
+See the below CHANGELOG entry below for more details and for installation instructions. 
 py.test is an advanced automated testing tool working with Python2,
   declarative approach with the @py.test.mark.xfail cannot
   be used as it would mark all configurations as xfail. 
+- issue102: introduce new --maxfail=NUM option to stop
+  test runs after NUM failures.  This is a generalization
+  of the '-x' or '--exitfirst' option which is now equivalent
+  to '--maxfail=1'.  Both '-x' and '--maxfail' will 
+  now also print a line near the end indicating the Interruption. 
 - issue89: allow py.test.mark decorators to be used on classes
   (class decorators were introduced with python2.6) and 
   also allow to have multiple markers applied at class/module level
   - improved and unified reporting for "--tb=short" option
   - Errors during test module imports are much shorter, (using --tb=short style)
   - raises shows shorter more relevant tracebacks
+  - --fulltrace now more systematically makes traces longer / inhibits cutting
 - improve support for raises and other dynamically compiled code by
   manipulating python's linecache.cache instead of the previous