1. Jehiah Czebotar
  2. pytest


pytest / ISSUES.txt

refine session initialization / fix custom collect crash  
tags: bug 1.4 core xdist 

When calling "py.test path/X" py.test can crash if the collection 
of that directory is skipped.  Calling "py.test path" will give
proper output.  The reason is that for the very first colitems 
getinitialnodes() and a collection is done before the fully 
controlled session and pytest_make_collect_report protocol takes over. 
Try to remove the redundant getinitialnodes related logic and amend
the session collect logic to care for this "initial" case as well. 
Apart from simplification a side effect the dsession's session
and the core session probably converge some more. 

introduce py.test.mark.nocollect
tags: feature 1.4

for not considering a function for test collection at all. 
maybe also introduce a py.test.mark.test to explicitely
mark a function to become a tested one.  Lookup JUnit 
ways of tagging tests. 

introduce py.test.mark registration
tags: feature 1.3

introduce a hook that allows to register a named mark decorator
with documentation and add "py.test --marks" to get
a list of available marks.  Deprecate "dynamic" mark

do early-teardown of test modules 
tags: feature 1.3

currently teardowns are called when the next tests is setup
except for the function/method level where interally 
"teardown_exact" tears down immediately.  Generalize
this to perform the "neccessary" teardown compared to
the "next" test item during teardown - this should
get rid of some irritations because otherwise e.g. 
prints of teardown-code appear in the setup of the next test. 

do recursive walk of conftest.py files? 
tags: feature 1.3

it maybe makes sense to generally do a recursive search of conftest.py 
files before command line parsing - this would help to offer the
full list of options as applicable to a given test project. 

consider introducing py.test.mark.skip_[not]win32/jython/pyXY
tags: feature 1.3 

conveniently introduce markers for platforms to 
have a shorter form for skipping. 

generalize parametrized testing to generate combinations
tags: feature 1.3 

think about extending metafunc.addcall or add a new method to allow to
generate tests with combinations of all generated versions - what to do
about "id" and "param" in such combinations though? 

introduce py.test.mark.multi 
tags: feature 1.3

introduce py.test.mark.multi to specify a number
of values for a given function argument. 

have imported module mismatch honour relative paths
tags: bug 1.4

With 1.1.1 py.test fails at least on windows if an import 
is relative and compared against an absolute conftest.py 
path. Normalize.

make node._checkcollectable more robust
tags: bug 1.4

currently node._checkcollectable() can raise
exceptions for all kinds of reasons ('conftest.py' loading
problems, missing rsync-dirs, platform-skip-at-import-level 
issues, ...).  It should just return True/False and cause 
a good error message.

call termination with small timeout
tags: feature 1.4
test: testing/pytest/dist/test_dsession.py - test_terminate_on_hanging_node

Call gateway group termination with a small timeout if available. 
Should make dist-testing less likely to leave lost processes.

consider globals: py.test.ensuretemp and config 
tags: experimental-wish 1.4

consider deprecating py.test.ensuretemp and py.test.config 
to further reduce py.test globality.  Also consider 
having py.test.config and ensuretemp coming from
a plugin rather than being there from the start.

consider allowing funcargs to setup methods
tags: experimental-wish 1.4

Users have expressed the wish to have funcargs available to setup 
functions.  Experiment with allowing funcargs there - it might
also help to make the py.test.ensuretemp and config deprecation.
For filling funcargs for setup methods, we could call funcarg 
factories with a request object that not have a cls/function 
attributes.  However, how to handle parametrized test functions
and funcargs? 

consider pytest_addsyspath hook
tags: 1.4

py.test could call a new pytest_addsyspath() in order to systematically
allow manipulation of sys.path and to inhibit it via --no-addsyspath
in order to more easily run against installed packages. 

Alternatively it could also be done via the config object 
and pytest_configure. 

relax requirement to have tests/testing contain an __init__
tags: feature 1.4
bb: http://bitbucket.org/hpk42/py-trunk/issue/64

A local test run of a "tests" directory may work 
but a remote one fail because the tests directory
does not contain an "__init__.py". Either give
an error or make it work without the __init__.py

show plugin information in test header 
tags: feature 1.4

Now that external plugins are becoming more numerous 
it would be useful to have external plugins along with
their versions displayed as a header line. 

generate/refine plugin doc generation 
tags: feature 1.4

review and prepare docs for 1.4.0 release.  Probably
have docs living with the plugin and require them to
be available on doc generation time, at least when 
the target is the website?  Or rather go for interactive help? 

deprecate global py.test.config usage 
tags: feature 1.4

py.test.ensuretemp and py.test.config are probably the last 
objects containing global state.  Often using them is not 
neccessary.  This is about trying to get rid of them, i.e. 
deprecating them and checking with PyPy's usages as well 
as others. 

remove deprecated bits in collect.py 
tags: feature 1.4

In an effort to further simplify code, review and remove deprecated bits
in collect.py.  Probably good:
- inline consider_file/dir methods, no need to have them
  subclass-overridable because of hooks