1. jason kirtland
  2. WFront



A WSGI front-door dispatcher.

WFront is a top-level request dispatcher, directing requests based on the requested "Virtual Host", listening port, URL path, or any combination.


WFront requires Python 2.4 or higher. Python 3.0 support is currently untested.

To install, python setup.py install in this source directory.


Documentation is available in the docs/ directory and also in the docstrings of the WFront modules.

Documentation is also available online at http://discorporate.us/projects/WFront/


The examples are executable, working code- see the documentation for instructions on how to get them running.


WFront was written by Jason Kirtland <jek@discorporate.us>. WFront is made available under the terms of the MIT License [2]. Happy hacking!

[2]see the LICENSE file in this distribution