Fluid Flow demo for Mac OS X

1. Description

This is the fluid flow demo application ported for Mac OS X. For a full description of the aims and scope of this application, please see the general platform-independent documentation.

2. Building

2.0. Requirements

This application has been tested on several MacBook (Pro) computers running OS X versions 10.5x..10.6.x. The code does only depend on the OpenGL and GLUT frameworks, which are both installed by default under OS X.

2.1. Building the FFTW library:

cd fftw-2.1.5/sourceAndDoc


If something does not work in the above step, please see the FFTW documentation.


cp fftw/.libs/libfftw.a ../lib
cp rfftw/.libs/librfftw.a ../lib

cd ../..

2.2. Building the application itself


The final application, called smoke, should be created in the current directory (where this README file is placed).