Ghost Note VST (v1)
Author: Jennifer Hsu (

The Ghost Note VST (ghostv01) is a MIDI Effect plugin that creates variations in percussive rhythmic patterns.  The plugin allows the user to generate ghost notes at the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th 16th notes of a quarter note within a beat pattern by specifying the probability for each of those notes to appear.  The note that is repeated is the one that falls on the quarter note beat (the 1st 16th note of the quarter note). Notes within the pattern can be removed by specifying a percentage of notes that should be removed.

This project is written using JUCE ( and C++. To get the code working, you should first make sure that JUCE is working on your machine.  I created my XCode project using the Introjucer and the ghostv01.jucer file.  I believe the Projucer is the new version of the Introjucer, so you may want to try creating a project specific for your machine using the Projucer.  Compile the created project in XCode or whatever IDE you use.  Move the final .vst file to the place where your audio VSTs are stored.

I tested this MIDI Effect plugin in Ableton Live.  I create 1 MIDI track and throw the ghostv01 VST onto that track.  Let's call this the MIDI Effect track. I make my MIDI beat patterns in this track. Then I have another track that holds the MIDI instrument that I am controlling.  We can refer to this track as the Instrument track. I usually use the Drum Rack in Ableton for this purpose. Then I route my MIDI so that the Instrument track takes input from the MIDI Effect track.  This allows the MIDI messages created by my MIDI beat patterns and processed by ghostv01 to trigger the instrument set up in the Instrument track. 

If you find a more straightforward setup to get this all working, feel free to let me know! Also, please email me with any questions at Thanks and hope you enjoy!