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 ropemacs, rope in emacs

Using rope in emacs.  You should install `rope`_ library before using

.. _`rope`:

New Features

Just got started!

Setting Up

You can get Pymacs from
But version 0.22 does not work with Python 2.5 because of the lack of
file encoding declarations.  A simple patch is included:

After installing pymacs, add these lines to your ``~/.emacs`` file::

  (load-library "pymacs")
  (pymacs-load "ropemacs" "rope-")


Uses almost the same keybinding as rope.

=============   ============================
Key             Action
=============   ============================
C-x p o         rope-open-project
C-x p k         rope-close-project
C-x p u         rope-undo-refactoring
C-x p r         rope-redo-refactoring

C-c r r         rope-rename
C-c r l         rope-extract-variable
C-c r m         rope-extract-method
C-c r i         rope-inline
C-c r v         rope-move
C-c r 1 r       rope-rename-current-module
C-c r 1 v       rope-move-current-module
C-c r 1 p       rope-module-to-package

C-c g           rope-goto-definition
C-c C-d         rope-show-doc
C-c i o         rope-organize-imports
=============   ============================

Getting Started

* List of features: `docs/index.txt`_
* Contributing: `docs/contributing.txt`_

.. _`docs/index.txt`: docs/index.html
.. _`docs/contributing.txt`: docs/contributing.html


This program is under the terms of GPL (GNU General Public License).
Have a look at ``COPYING`` file for more information.