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Foreign Function Interface for Python calling C code.

Mailing list:!forum/python-cffi

Initial motivation

Current status

* works as a ctypes replacement
* can use internally either ctypes or a C extension module

Next steps

the verify() step, which should handle:

* completing "...;" structs

* checking the other structs, and the arguments to functions, using the real C compiler

* simple "#define FOO value" macros

* macros of the kind "#define funcname otherfuncname"

* more complicated macros "#define foo(a, b, c) ..."

* checking and correcting the value of the enum {} declarations

* probably also fixing the array lengths, e.g. declared as a field "int foo[...];"

generating C extensions:

* this is needed anyway to call macros

* faster, libffi-free way to call C code

* partial blockers: callbacks (probably still use libffi)

_ffi backend for PyPy
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