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add __stdcall test

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     return ptr->a1 + ptr->a2;
+#ifdef MS_WIN32
+#define stdcall __stdcall
+#define sdcall 
+static int stdcall _testfunc21(int a, int b)
+    return a+b;
 static PyObject *b__testfunc(PyObject *self, PyObject *args)
     /* for testing only */
     case 18: f = &_testfunc18; break;
     case 19: f = &_testfunc19; break;
     case 20: f = &_testfunc20; break;
+    case 21: f = &_testfunc21; break;
         return NULL;
     BSShort = new_primitive_type("short")
     assert f(3, cast(BSChar, -3), cast(BUChar, 200), cast(BSShort, -5)) == 192
+def test_call_function_21():
+    BInt = new_primitive_type("int")
+    BFunc21 = new_function_type((BInt, BInt), BInt, False)
+    f = cast(BFunc21, _testfunc(21))
+    assert f(40, 2) == 42
+    assert f(-100, -100) == -200
 def test_cannot_call_with_a_autocompleted_struct():
     BSChar = new_primitive_type("signed char")
     BDouble = new_primitive_type("double")
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