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Initial implementation of our own code object.
To be done: Find a base class.

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+PyCode class implementation.
+This class is similar to the built-in code objects.
+It avoids wrapping existing code object, instead,
+it plays its role without exposing real code objects.
+SInce in C Python the only way to crate a code object
+by somehow call into the builtin compile, we implement
+the creation of our code object by defining out own compile,
+wich ()at the moment) calls back into the real compile,
+hijacks the code object and creates our code object from that.
+compile is found in the file.
+# XXX todo:
+# look at this if it makes sense
+# think of a proper base class???
+import baseobjspace
+from appfile import AppFile
+# no appfile neede, yet
+#appfile = AppFile(__name__, ["interpreter"])
+class PyCode:
+    """Represents a code object, in the way we need it.
+    Public fields:
+    to be done
+    """
+    def __init__(self):
+        """ initialize all attributes to just something. """
+        self.co_argcount = 0
+        self.co_nlocals = 0
+        self.co_stacksize = 0
+        self.co_flags = 0
+        self.co_code = None
+        self.co_consts = None
+        self.co_names = None
+        self.co_varnames = None
+        self.co_freevars = None
+        self.co_cellvars = None
+        # The rest doesn't count for hash/cmp
+        self.co_filename = ""
+        self.co_name = ""
+        self.co_firstlineno = 0 #first source line number
+        self.co_lnotab = "" # string (encoding addr<->lineno mapping)
+    ### codeobject initialization ###
+    def _from_code(self, code):
+        """ Initialize the code object from a real one.
+            This is just a hack, until we have our own compile.
+            At the moment, we just fake this.
+            This method is called by our compile builtin function.
+        """
+        import types
+        assert(type(code is types.CodeType))
+        # simply try to suck in all attributes we know of
+        for name in self.__dict__.keys():
+            value = getattr(code, name)
+            setattr(self, name, value)
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