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jerkstore's HUD Revamp

Find more info, report any problems, get the latest version:

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I. Installation

     1. Close L4D2 if it is running.
     2. Extract the contents of this archive directly to: 
         .../Steam/steamapps/common/left 4 dead 2/left4dead2/

II. Uninstallation / HUD Switching

     1. To return to default hud, use the program "SwitchtoDefaultHUD.exe" included in this archive.
	 2. Use "SwitchtoJerkstoreHUD.exe" if you wish to switch back.


     -  If L4D2 gets updated with new pak01 files, you need to download the latest
	version of this HUD.

     -  Third-party anticheat programs may detect this as a hack, such as CEVO'S CMN.
	Be sure to use the HUD switcher before and after cevo matches. VAC will NOT detect
	this HUD as a hack.
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