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Renamed utils.compress() to utils.yuicompress()

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             # compress file and check if return code is not zero
             # when return code is not zero it means yuicompressor failed to run
-            (return_code, out_str) = utils.compress(source_file,
-                                                    destination_file,
-                                                    **kw)
+            (return_code, out_str) = utils.yuicompress(source_file,
+                                                       destination_file,
+                                                       **kw)
   'Generating file %s', destination_file)
             shutil.copy(source_file, destination_file)
-def compress(in_file_name, out_file_name, java_bin=None, yui_jar=None):
+def yuicompress(in_file_name, out_file_name, java_bin=None, yui_jar=None):
     """Run yuicompressor script for a file
     Runs compressor script and store result in a tuple with compressor