shrink / shrink /

import sys

# define a function to handle str types
if sys.version < '3':
    import codecs

    def u(text):
        # return a unicode text
        return codecs.unicode_escape_decode(text)[0]
    def u(text):
        # leave text as it is
        return text

def print_text(text, *args, **kwargs):
    """Print a text to standar output

    if text:
        end = kwargs.pop('end', '\n')
        text = text.format(*args) + end


def get_exception_obj():
    """Get Exception instance in the context of an exception

    return sys.exc_info()[1]

def get_exception_info():
    """Get a "3-uple" with exception information

    Tuple contains (Exception class, Exception instance, traceback).

    return sys.exc_info()
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