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+:author: Jesper Noehr
+Fakesi (Fake ESI) provides the functionality to simulate server-side includes (SSI)
+available in software such as nginx. This is primarily useful for developing locally
+while still using SSI.
+Fakesi is BSD licensed, and requires little more than the included middleware.
+It also has an `ssi` templatetag, but that's entirely optional.
+Add `fakesi` to your `INSTALLED_APPS` setting, and add `fakesi.middleware.FakesiMiddleware`
+to your `INSTALLED_MIDDLEWARE` settings.
+It's very simple to use: Either stick `<!--# include virtual="/some_url" -->` in your templates,
+or use the included `{% ssi "some_url" %}` template tag. Fakesi will handle the rest.
+Fakesi also adds two methods to every request:
+* is_ssi, which will return True, if the request is coming through an SSI include.
+* is_nginx, which will return True, if the server sends "Nginx-SSI: On" (add with `proxy_set_header Nginx-SSI on;` in your nginx config.)