django-piston / AUTHORS.txt

Jesper Nøhr da9fece 

Jesper Nøhr 5c12c29 
Jesper Nøhr da9fece 

Jesper Nøhr c4cf2be 

Jesper Nøhr 4187f3f 
Jesper Nøhr 85c4fa4 
Jesper Nøhr f5101c3 
django-piston was originally written by Jesper Noehr, but since
its release, many people have contributed invaluable feedback and patches:

Alberto Donato provided a fix for #26, contributed #35, #37 and #38
Matthew Marshall provided fixes for #25 and #24
Pete Karl reported #20
Travis Jensen provided a fix for #24
Benoit Chesneau provided some mimetype helpers
Adam Lowry fixed a bug with the callmap construct
Benjamin Pollack provided an ez_setup fix and more
Seph Soliman for fixing a bug with AnonymousBaseHandler
David Larlet for suggesting several improvements
Xavier Barbosa for improving QuerySet handling and providing Template URI code
Michael Richardson for contributing an improvement to form validation handling