Ionel Maries Cristian avatar Ionel Maries Cristian committed 864e4c0

Added namespacing to the piston package.

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+    import pkg_resources
+    pkg_resources.declare_namespace(__name__)
+except ImportError:
+    # don't prevent use of paste if pkg_resources isn't installed
+    from pkgutil import extend_path
+    __path__ = extend_path(__path__, __name__) 
+    import modulefinder
+except ImportError:
+    pass
+    for p in __path__:
+        modulefinder.AddPackagePath(__name__, p)
     author = 'Jesper Noehr',
     author_email = '',
     packages = find_packages(),
+    namespace_packages = ['piston'],
     include_package_data = True,
     zip_safe = False,
     classifiers = [
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