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Jesper Nøhr  committed b9b639e

rc_factory doesn't set correct HTTP code on response, fixes #37, thanks ack

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 django-piston was originally written by Jesper Noehr, but since
 its release, many people have contributed invaluable feedback and patches:
-Alberto Donacko provided a fix for #26
+Alberto Donacko provided a fix for #26, contributed #35, #37 and #38
 Matthew Marshall provided fixes for #25 and #24
 Pete Karl reported #20
 Travis Jensen provided a fix for #24

File piston/utils.py

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         except TypeError:
             raise AttributeError(attr)
-        return HttpResponse(r, c)
+        return HttpResponse(r, content_type='text/plain', status=c)
 rc = rc_factory()
     return wrap
 require_extended = require_mime('json', 'yaml', 'xml', 'pickle')