django-piston / tests / test_project / apps / testapp /

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Joshua Ginsberg avatarJoshua Ginsberg
Fixes #188 - bind request.FILES to form in @validate decorator
Emanuele Rocca avatarEmanuele Rocca
Properly raise Http404 on http methods not handled. Basic tests of Resource error handling.
Default avatar ro...@user1-desktop
Improved valiadate decorator provides the validated form via the request
Jesper Nøhr avatarJesper Nøhr
fixed tests
Jesper Nøhr avatarJesper Nøhr
resolving merge between ephelon's fork and the rest, all tests pass
James Emerton avatarJames Emerton
Added tests for list_fields handler attribute
Default avatar
Default avatar
[mq]: issue-58
Benjamin Pollack avatarBenjamin Pollack
add tests for plain object serialization
Horst Gutmann avatarHorst Gutmann
Made a minimal change to utils.coerce_put_post to support file-uploads
Michael Richardson avatarMichael Richardson
Add a basic EchoHandler and tests to show that the validation decorator is now working.
Jesper Nøhr avatarJesper Nøhr
adding 2 tests with abstract base models
Jesper Nøhr avatarJesper Nøhr
adding test for incoming json/yaml in tests/
Horst Gutmann avatarHorst Gutmann
Moved the whole test environment into tests/
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