Content type is not being split against ";"

Mirek Mencel avatarMirek Mencel created an issue

According to RFC Content-Type header field may contain parameters:

For instance, Firefox XHR request adds charset parameter: application/json; charset=UTF-8

Attached patch splits Content-Type against ";" and takes only first item as a Content-Type. In addition, it fixes loader_for_type function which now can do strict checking against mime string.

Comments (11)

  1. Charles Krohn

    I've got the same problem. In Windows 7, the WinHTTPRequest object always adds "CharSet=UTF-8" to the content-type header. This seems to cause trouble for Piston.

  2. Daniel Ostrowski

    I am wondering how this can't be patched yet, since jQuery appends the charset to all these requests. Seems pretty important. I ran into this, too, and I'm just using Middleware to adjust the CONTENT_TYPE which is pretty ghetto.

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