Include HTTP error 500 in "rc" responses

Issue #102 open
José Moreira created an issue

The library could include HTTP error 500 in "rc" responses, since it's important to distinguish an internal error from a malformed response

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  1. Jesper Noehr repo owner
    • changed status to open

    If there is an Internal Server Error, Django will usually handle it and serve it to the client. I don't think we catch them and do anything with them?

  2. José Moreira reporter

    for example i'm catching exceptions for logging:

    HTTP_INTERNAL_ERROR = HttpResponse('Internal Error', content_type='text/plain', status=500)
    except ObjectDoesNotExist:
    	return rc.NOT_FOUND
    except Exception, e:
  3. Mario González

    I've seen some Internal Server Error and the full traceback is send to the client not handled by Django. For instance, I wrote a middleware using piston and every error 500 sent a normal Python backtrace only. Anyway, is it a Django bug?

    I think the error 500 must be get caught by Django not Piston.

  4. Former user Account Deleted

    I'm interested in being able to catch an exception that happens when a resource handler is running. Right now, they are trapped by Piston and either returned to the client or e-mailed to the admins. I would love to have what josemoreira is doing above, where the exception is logged first.

    Specifically this would make running "./ test" more useful, because the exception would actually be captured in the output if one occurred. Right now if a test fails, I have to re-run the query that cause it to see the error.

  5. Alexis Metaireau
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    It seems you can specify your proper exceptions by subclassing the error_handler method from the Resource class (located in

    Maybe can we set this to fixed ?

  6. Christopher Peplin

    The error_handler method in Resource solved this issue for me - my error handling code and the resulting output just got a lot prettier.

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