get_absolute_url not working anymore in tip version

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From what I've seen so far the following code in is never executed. This used to work fine in 0.2.2 and 0.2.3rc1.



                if 'absolute_uri' in get_fields:
                    get_absolute_uri = True


As a result if you have the special field 'absolute_uri' in your fields list it will be ignored by the emitter.

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  1. Anonymous

    yeah it needs to be moved outside that block to look like

                if handler or fields:
                    v = lambda f: getattr(data, f.attname)
                    if not fields:
                        Fields was not specified, try to find teh correct
                        version in the typemapper we were sent.
                        mapped = self.in_typemapper(type(data), self.anonymous)
                        get_fields = set(mapped.fields)
                        exclude_fields = set(mapped.exclude).difference(get_fields)
                        if not get_fields:
                            get_fields = set([ f.attname.replace("_id", "", 1)
                                for f in data._meta.fields ])
                        # sets can be negated.
                        for exclude in exclude_fields:
                            if isinstance(exclude, basestring):
                            elif isinstance(exclude, re._pattern_type):
                                for field in get_fields.copy():
                                    if exclude.match(field):
                        get_fields = set(fields)
                    if 'absolute_uri' in get_fields:
                        get_absolute_uri = True    
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