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Alexandre González
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I've testing documentation_view with default template. I can't never seen my documentation with this template.

I've read the documentation_view code and I see that you user doc to get the documentation, so I tried it with ./manage shell and this is my result:

In [3]: from api import handlers

In [4]: handlers.MatchHandler.doc Out[4]: '\n TEST\n '

Why if I can see the doc in the console, can't I retrieve it in the template with your view? Perhaps any misconfiguration?

I have "same" issue with the URI.

Sorry if it isn't a bug.

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  1. Alexandre González reporter

    I solved it!

    In the provided template you are using doc.get_doc instead doc.doc, with doc.doc it works perfectly.

    Perhaps you must upgrade the example template in the respository.

    Now I'm studying how solve the URI problem...

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