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By default, the {{{}}} method takes a {{{**kwargs}}} argument that is handled to the {{{QuerySet.filter}}} method so that one can get filtered results from a Handler. However, this is ignored when we looking for a single object (i.e., looking for a particular pk) instead of a collection, which is inconsistent.

I made some changes (with tests) in so that:

  • A single object lookup happens on the already-filtered {{{ QuerySet}}}, making it consistent with a collection lookup.
  • Getting a {{{MultipleObjectsReturned}}} exception when looking for a single object doesn't return {{{rc.BAD_REQUEST}}} anymore. That's an unexpected model design error the programer is responsible for; a 500 is more apropiate.

Additionaly, I've added the follwing enhacement:

  • Single object lookups can be done using either the name of the primary key field, or {{{pk}}} (i.e., provided {{{id}}} is the name of the primary key: {{{kwargs={'pk': '1'}}}} and {{{kwargs={'id': '1'}}}} give the same results).

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