Object handler fields override local field list

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When defining a handler for one object that relates to another, any field that references an object with a handler defined are overridden by the referenced object's handler.



class HandlerFoo(BaseHandler):
model = Foo

class HandlerBar(BaseHandler):
model = Bar
fields = ('blah', ('foo', 'zing', 'zang'))

Assuing 'foo' is a foreign key referencing a 'Foo' object, When the response for HandlerBar is rendered, all the fields on Foo are rendered, even though I specifed only the 'zing' and 'zang' fields.

Local field specs should always have precedence over the field spec on other handlers.

The attached patch changes the precedence.

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  1. Fabian Sturm

    I recently upgraded to Django 1.4 and Piston 7c90898072ce (for 1.4 compatibility) and ran into the same problem. I just applied the patch from above and everything seems to be working again.

    So my question is, will this patch be applied sometimes, or is there any other way I can get the "old" behaviour back?

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