set user to raw_id_field

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model customer has a fk to user. with a large set of users, the admin-page won't load ... using a raw_id_field for the user solves this problem.

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  1. Anonymous

    I´m about to use an to register the models. within this file, I´ll use a raw_id_field ... currently, you use to register the models for the admin-interface. I can send you once I´m finished.

  2. Anonymous

    remove from add (see below)

    from my point of view, it´s good to have anway, since people may want to customize the admin-behaviour of piston.

    from django.contrib import admin
    from piston.models import Nonce, Resource, Consumer, Token
    class NonceOptions(admin.ModelAdmin):
    class ResourceOptions(admin.ModelAdmin):
    class ConsumerOptions(admin.ModelAdmin):
        raw_id_fields = ('user',)
    class TokenOptions(admin.ModelAdmin):
        raw_id_fields = ('user',)
   , NonceOptions), ResourceOptions), ConsumerOptions), TokenOptions)
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