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Daniel Jilg
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Maybe it's just me, but I can't get piston to run. I have a working django installation on OS X 10.6 and tried to install piston by running {{{sudo python install}}} which seemed to install the package, but I'm not sure.

But what now? Do I have to edit my file? Do I have to include piston in my the {{{installed_apps}}} section? The entry about "Getting started" in the wiki assumes everything to be correctly installed already. I think it would be awesome if it was expanded to cover installation as well.

Edit: Someone send me the minimal bullet points and I'll update the wiki entry myself.

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  1. Daniel Jilg reporter

    Thanks for your help! I suggest maybe adding something like the following to the wiki:

    Installing piston is easy:

    • Download the newest version from our downloads page
    • Unpack it
    • Navigate to the unpacked directory in a terminal window and run sudo python install
    • And you're all set.
  2. Anonymous

    You also need to add piston to your INSTALLED_APPS and run 'syncdb' to create necessary database tables.

  3. Anonymous
    **    'piston'**
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