hg-website-test / original / Todo.txt


Until the site can go official: 



* Automatic detection of the current version for downloads. Possibly via PyPI. 
* testimonials: "It just works" (with a random quote at the beginning) -> (re-)add as link for "just works" on the frontpage.
* Some pages for links which currently point to the wiki but are suboptimal (for example an extension site with only the most used/useful extensions). 
* Automatically showing TortoiseHG for Windows users.
* Add more Basic and Advanced Tipps to hgscm/templates/tricks (for example from

Currently in the works: 

* Include more info about TortoiseHG, Download and learning resource.


* who_uses_mercurial (Only 6 relevant projects, ideally with link to their repos and a text with their experience) - done by dsop
* quick_start - bab
* learn_mercurial (links to different resources with short descriptions) - bab, Only missing part: A wiki page which links to learning resources
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