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The original was [ provided by pi31 on IRC]:

{{{ 14:53 < pi31> hi 14:55 < pi31> for those who develop pygments, here is lexer for pov-ray files (i've not really tested it, i f*cked my pygments installation) : 14:55 * asmodai points at birkenfeld 14:55 * asmodai goes to bed 14:55 < pi31> public domain, do what you want (but it would be nice to be included) 14:57 < pi31> well, gotta logout, good bye and keep up the good work :) }}}

I had to make some nontrivial modifications, but here's what now works for the basic files I've thrown at it. Checklist before including:

  • Find out name to credit
  • Find out what comparison operators there are, and highlight. In particular, <=
  • Likely put preproc-like directives as ^\\s*#(... so they are allowed only at start of line
  • See if single quotes are allowed

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  1. gbrandl

    Thanks for making this a ticket; I hadn't seen it in IRC!

    About crediting: if the author doesn't come back into IRC by chance, so that we can ask him, I wouldn't worry -- it's explicitly public domain

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