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Code Conventions

- Classes must be new-style, and named LikeThis.
- Functions and methods are named likeThis().
- Variables and attributes are named likethis.
- Private and protected attributes are named _likethis.
- Private methods where name clashing with subclasses is probable
  (e.g. Progress) are named __likethis.
- Identation is 4 expanded spaces.
- Lines must have at most 79 columns.
- Follow PEP-8 whenever it doesn't conflict with the statements above.
- Space comparisons >= like == this, but parameters like=this.
- Methods/function calls have parameters(spaced, like, this), even
  if they((have, additional, parenthesis)).


- For every change, try to create a new test.
- Run all tests: 'make test'.
- Run specific test: 'TEST=tests/test.txt make test'