Jesse Dhillon avatar Jesse Dhillon committed 57a0f8c Draft

Added support for inserting set-type keys into indexes.

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             should_index = None
         if should_index:
             key, value = should_index
+            if not isinstance(key, set):
+                key = set([key])
             if value:
                 storage =
                 start, size = storage.insert(value)
                 start = 1
                 size = 0
-            index.insert(doc_id, key, start, size)
+            for k in key:
+                index.insert(doc_id, k, start, size)
     def _insert_id_index(self, _rev, data):


                 if status != 'd':
-                    if l_key == key:  # in case of hash function conflicts
+                    if self.compare_keys(l_key, key):  # in case of hash function conflicts
                         yield doc_id, start, size, status
                         limit -= 1
                 location = _next
+    def compare_keys(self, a, b):
+        return a == b
     def _calculate_position(self, key):
         return abs(hash(key) & self.hash_lim) * self.bucket_line_size + self._start_ind
             except struct.error:
                 raise ElemNotFound(
                     "Not found")  # not found but might be also broken
-            if l_key == key:
+            if self.compare_keys(l_key, key):
                 if not _next:
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