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Here you will find some questions and answers

What about JOINs (known from SQL databases) ?
You can write database function. Please see :ref:`join_like1`. Just remember CodernityDB is not relational database.
Will it work on Jython ?
On 2.5 no, on 2.7 it should but currently it will not because of bug in Jython IO implementation. But currently Jython 2.7 is in alpha stage, so it will change in future.
How fast is CodernityDB ?
It's pretty fast. It can be said that you can insert even more than 55 000 records to Hash Index every second (see :ref:`speed` for more details)
Can I add index to existing DB ?
Yes you can, but you will need to reindex that index to have in it data that were in database already before you add that index. (see :ref:`database_indexes` for details)
What about tables or collections ?
Everything can be done through our Index mechanism see :ref:`tables_colections_q`.
How does it compare to MongoDB, CouchDB and other "big" NoSQL databases ?
Different purposes + different design. CodernityDB doesn't have yet any replication engine. However we are sure that there is a place for CodernityDB. Nothing is impossible in CodernityDB, because Index IS a Python class where you can do anything (if you're not a Python user we created :ref:`simple_index`).
Why Python 3 is not supported ?
Python 3 introduced many incompatible changes. In case of CodernityDB having working version for 2.x and 3.x series in the same code base without ugly hacks (big monkey-patching etc.) is almost impossible. If you're interested Python 3 version of CodernityDB contact us. Porting CodernityDB to Python 3.x is not hard. Python 3.x support in fact was never needed. That's why there is no support for it (yet?).
I want to contribute, what can I do?
Just fork and create pull request |bitbucket_link|.
I found a bug, where can I report it?
Please report it on Bitbucket bugtracker in our repo |bitbucket_link|.
I want to have a bit customized CodernityDB
No problem, just contact us to get more details about that.
I want to use CodernityDB in commercial project, do I have to pay for it?
CodernityDB is released on Apache 2.0 license, it allows you to freely use it even for commercial purposes without any need to pay for it. IT'S FREE FOR COMMERCIAL USE.