"Could not read drotrim.ini", despite file present

Issue #4 resolved
jestar jokin repo owner created an issue

User reported an issue where the console displayed the message "Error: Could not read drotrim.ini, using default audio options." The file "drotrim.ini" was in the same directory as the Python executable, so error should not have occurred.

Need to see if issue can be reproduced, and investigate adding extra directories to the search path for "drotrim.ini".

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  1. jestar jokin reporter
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    Can reproduce the issue in Windows by doing the following:

    1. Create a shortcut to the DRO Trimmer executable
    2. Alter the shortcut so the "Start In" directory is not the same as the location of the DRO Trimmer executable, and that directory has no "drotrim.ini"

    This is probably the expected behaviour, but I'll modify the search criteria so it'll look in the location of the executable if "drotrim.ini" is not found in the working directory.

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