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Jukebox is a Web application package that uses the Django framework, containing a single custom application, djukey. Jukebox/djukey's raison d'etre is really just sample Web app / Django code.

The specifications for djukey were essentially, to my mind, a simplified Last.fm experience/interface, (as opposed to a straight Web interpretation of the desktop jukebox application, a la iTunes). I won't attempt to reproduce the full specifications here, but essentially -- anyone can browse / listen to the library and available jukeboxes, there are registered "listeners", and a "listener" can manage their own jukebox (thereby acting as an "owner").

djukey is, to my mind, unfinished; but I believe that in its current form it will serve its purpose nonetheless.


djukey depends on Django 1.0, (and pyyaml for loading fixtures).

I rather doubt anyone would want to install djukey, but if you really want to, (perhaps with EggCarton or virtualenv), a setup.py is provided, (which will attempt to resolve dependencies via setuptools).

If you need to load the database, yaml is provided for albums, artists and songs, such that:

python manage.py loaddata albums

etc. should do the trick. For users you'll need to go through admin, (or just use the db provided, huh?).

Start the development server with:

python manage.py runserver

as usual.