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 \usepackage{amssymb, amsmath}
 \title{RISC vs CISC}
+    \tableofcontents
+    \chapter{Introduction}
     In assembly code, certain combinations of operations occur fairly often.
     For instance, the result of a binary operation must often immediately be
     computers today.  As examples on the RISC side, we will use ARM, an
     architecture commonly used in smartphones.
+    \chapter{The Origin of CISC}
+    The first computer that stored its program in memory was the Manchester
+    Small Scale Experimental Machine\cite{mssem}, which was made in 1948.  The
+    first compiler appeared four years later\cite{first-compiler}, but the use
+    of assembly language for programming persisted for significantly longer.
+    With a significant portion of assembly code being written directly by
+    programmers, as opposed to being autogenertaed, architecture designers
+    would often optimise for the ease of the programmer at the expense of the
+    complexity of the CPU\@.  This was often done by combining arithmetic and
+    load/store operations, providing advanced forms of control flow, and the
+    usage of more complex addressing modes.
+    Apart from making the job of the assembly programmer easier, the lower
+    number of instructions necessary to achieve the desired result resulted in
+    a smaller code footprint.  As cache technology was still rather limited and
+    main memory access was a bottleneck for execution speed, this was a more
+    significant factor than the time required to decode an instruction.
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