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setup.py's verno vs. pinning the version down

Dariusz Suchojad
created an issue


I'm trying to install intensional under buildout using a pinned down version of 0.222 - there's nothing particularly specific about this version, it's just that I'd like to keep builds repeatable.

The issue is, I guess setup.py's verno makes it impossible to install a concrete version, the logs looks like

Getting distribution for 'intensional==0.222'. Installing intensional 0.222 Caused installation of a distribution: intensional 0.223 with a different version.


Error: There is a version conflict. We already have: intensional 0.223

Am I right that this is the culprit? If so, can there be done something about it? intensional seems a very interesting project but I'd like to use under buildout without installing the latest version on each build.


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  1. Jonathan Eunice repo owner

    I hate the verno() hack, but I've faced a lot of problems with pip, PyPI, and my pip/tox testing infrastructure refusing to install/run/test a version of the software because it was previously installed. verno() was my attempt to work around that. It works pretty well for me with the 'package>=VER' style specifications, but I can see where it scotches the ability to install a stable version.

    I'm about to drop another version of intensional. Based on your issue, I've removed the verno() trick in setup.py, so there will soon be another version available that you could use as a stable base.

    If you need this fixed immediately, you might:

    hg clone https://jeunice@bitbucket.org/jeunice/intensional myintensional

    then edit out the verno() usage from setup.py, set the version to '0.222', and then

    sudo python setup.py install
  2. Dariusz Suchojad reporter

    I appreciate it Jonathan!

    I imagine you've used it already but just for the record, buildout is the only sane thing, or at least the sanest one, as far as installing Python software at particular versions goes so maybe can give it another go and see how nicely it does or doesn't work with your infrastructure?

    In any case, cheers for having a look at it!

  3. Jonathan Eunice repo owner

    I'm sure buildout is grand, but I have never successfully tried it. I develop on Mac OS X and deploy to Linux, mostly. Following the install instructions gives me an error dump that in part says:

    File "build/bdist.linux-i686/egg/pkg_resources.py", line 666, in require

    Which makes me wonder if it really isn't compatible with my environment.

  4. Dariusz Suchojad reporter

    Yea, I know what you mean. The docs are horrible. The only reason I made it work with my environment was because on one of the previous projects people had already set it up correctly in a non-trivial way so I had something to refer to as well as access to people who already had grown a few gray hair trying to convince it to co-operate.

    BTW. The devs I'm with are on Mac too and they deploy to Debian. Me being the only Ubuntu guy over here. We're all on buildout so I just know first-hand it can be useful.

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