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Issue #4 resolved

won't install on python 3

Christopher Jefferson
created an issue

mdx_smartypants won't seem to install on python 3, due to an issue with guess-language-spirit

I attach the verbose output of 'pip install mdx_smartypants' (now as an attachment)

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  1. Jonathan Eunice repo owner

    That's odd. It's been successfully tested against Python 3.2 and 3.3 installers on both MacOS and Ubuntu Linux.

    But, the setup.py process was using a little magic to download one dependency (that had not been on PyPI) directly from the repository. The error HTTPError: HTTP Error 404: NOT FOUND suggests that external dependency was not (for whatever reason) working for you. Given that the latest build of guess_language-spirit is now on PyPI, and installing from PyPI is the default/preferred location, I've backed out the remote dependency and now called for it grab from PyPI direct.

    I've tested the new version 1.5.1 on both MacOS and Ubuntu Linux, with success. Please try it from your location.

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