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Jonathan Eunice 8ca075f 

from funclike import *

### Setup

def f():

class C(object):
    def __init__(self, v):
        self.v = v
    def f(x):
        return x * x
    def f4(x, a, b, c):
        return x + a + b + c
    def m(self, x):
        return x

c = C(12)

### Tests

def test_function_type():
    assert type(f) is function_type

def test_is_function():
    assert is_function(f)
    assert is_function(lambda: False)
    assert not is_function(4)
    assert not is_function("lsdjflkj")
    assert not is_function([1,2,3])
def test_real_func():
    assert real_func(f) is f
    assert is_function(real_func(f))
    assert is_function(real_func(C.f))
    assert is_function(real_func(c.f))
def test_func_code():
    assert hasattr(func_code(f), 'co_argcount')
    assert hasattr(func_code(C.f), 'co_argcount')
    assert hasattr(func_code(c.f), 'co_argcount')
    assert func_code(f).co_argcount == 0
    assert func_code(C.f).co_argcount == 1
    assert func_code(c.f).co_argcount == 1
    assert func_code(c.f4).co_argcount == 4
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