1. Jonathan Eunice
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options / funclike.py

Helper functions for function-like objects.

function_type = type(lambda: True)   # define our own because not def'd in py26

def is_function(obj):
    Answers, is obj a function?
    return isinstance(obj, function_type)
def real_func(flike):
    Given a function-like object (function or staticmethod), return the real function.
    if is_function(flike):
        return flike
    elif hasattr(flike, 'im_func'):      # Not clear this still useful
        return flike.im_func
    elif hasattr(flike, '__func__'):    # static method
        return flike.__func__
    elif hasattr(flike, '__get__'):     # static method in py26
        return flike.__get__(True)
        raise ValueError("doesn't seem to be a function-like object")
def func_code(flike):
    Given a function like object (function, static method, etc.), return its
    functional code object. Attempts to bridge the gap between different versions'
    introspective namings.

    if hasattr(flike, 'func_code'):  # Python 2.6 or 2.7, most functions
        return flike.func_code
    elif hasattr(flike, '__code__'):   # Python 3
        return flike.__code__
        raise ValueError("don't know where to find function's code")