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tweaked docs and setup; uploaded to PyPI with package rather than module packaging

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 For ``chainstuf``::
-    from chainstuf import chainstuf
+    from otherstuf import chainstuf
     d1 = dict(this=1, that=2)
     d2 = dict(roger=99, that=100)
 For ``counterstuf``::
-    from counterstuf import counterstuf
+    from otherstuf import counterstuf
     c = counterstuf()
     c.update("this and this is this but that isn't this".split())
  * Now
    successfully packaged and tested for Python 2.6, 2.7, 3.2, 3.3 and
    PyPy 1.9 (aka Python 2.7.2). Previous exceptions for Python 2.6 have been eliminated.
+ * Now packaged as a package rather than modules. This changes the import from
+   ``from chainstuf import chainstuf`` and ``from counterstuf import counterstuf`` to
+   ``from otherstuf import chainstuf`` and ``from otherstuf import counterstuf``, respectively.
  * The author, `Jonathan Eunice <>`_ or
    `@jeunice on Twitter <>`_
-    version=verno("0.703"),
+    version=verno("0.801"),
     author='Jonathan Eunice',
     description='Attributes-accessible mappings chainstuf (like ChainMap) & counterstuf (like Counter)',