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Attribute-accesible collections inspired by stuf. Implements chainstuf and counterstuf: versions of ChainMap and Counter that expose their keys as attributes.

The ultimate goal of this module is to have these functions available in the stuf module, and this sidecar to be retired.


Use these just like you would ChainMap and Counter, except that you get attribute-style access as well.

For chainstuf:

from otherstuf import chainstuf

d1 = dict(this=1, that=2)
d2 = dict(roger=99, that=100)

# test simple attribute equivalence
c = chainstuf(d1, d2)

assert c.this == 1
assert c.roger == 99

c.roger = 'wilco'
assert c.roger
print "roger", c.roger

print "i'm feeling", c.feeling     # passed through, since d2 lacks 'feeling'

Given recent versions (e.g. beyond 0.9.10) of stuf, one could simply use from stuf import chainstuf. This portion of the otherstuf sidecar is now superfluous.

For counterstuf:

from otherstuf import counterstuf

c = counterstuf()
c.update("this and this is this but that isn't this".split())
c.total = sum(c.values())

print "everything:", c.total
print "'this' mentioned", c.this, "times"
print "'bozo' mentioned", c.bozo, "times"
print c


  • Version 1.1.0 initates automated test coverage metrics. Test coverage started at 88%. Cleanups got coverage to 100%. Hooah!

  • Automated multi-version testing managed with pytest, pytest-cov, coverage and tox. Packaging linting with pyroma.

    Successfully packaged for, and tested against, all late-model versions of Python: 2.6, 2.7, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, and 3.5 pre-release (3.5.0b3) as well as PyPy 2.6.0 (based on 2.7.9) and PyPy3 2.4.0 (based on 3.2.5). Test line coverage 100%.

  • As of 1.0.0, updated to use semantic versioning and the Apache Software License.

  • Recent builds of stuf have left Python 2.6 out in the cold. This package requires stuf==0.9.14 for 2.6--the last version to successfully install there. Newer Python releases will get stuf>=0.9.16. I've submitted a patch for 2.6 installability to carry forward; we'll have to see where that goes.

  • The author, Jonathan Eunice or @jeunice on Twitter welcomes your comments and suggestions.


To install or upgrade to the latest version:

pip install -U otherstuf

To easy_install under a specific Python version (3.3 in this example):

python3.3 -m easy_install --upgrade otherstuf

(You may need to prefix these with sudo to authorize installation. In environments without super-user privileges, you may want to use pip's --user option, to install only for a single user, rather than system-wide.)