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 ``HTMLQuoter`` basically works, but buyer beware: It's not as well tested as the
 rest of the module.
+ * ``quoter`` provides simple transformations that could be alternatively
+   implemented as a series of small functions. The problem is that such "little
+   functions" tend to be constantly re-implemented, in different ways, and
+   spread through many programs. That need to constantly re-implement such
+   common and straightforward text formatting has led me to re-think how
+   software should format text. ``quoter`` is one facet of a project to
+   systematize higher-level formatting operations.
+ * The author, `Jonathan Eunice <>`_ or
+   `@jeunice on Twitter <>`_ welcomes your comments
+   and suggestions.
     description="A simple way to quote and wrap text",
-    py_modules=['quoter'],
+    py_modules=['quoter', 'nulltype'],
         Development Status :: 3 - Alpha
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