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-1.0.6 (September 20, 2013)
+1.1.0 (September ??, 2013)
-  * Made vertical separation (blank lines emitted before and after a displayed
-    item) a standard formatting option across all methods.
-  * Added support for automatic line numbering.
-1.0.5 (September 17, 2013)
-  * Minor improvements and bug fixes. Updated documentation to
-    be more accessible. Fixed
-    issue with ``fmt`` not properly returning values for
-    ``title``, ``blank_lines``,
-    and ``hr`` methods. Added tests for those methods.
-    A few general cleanups.
+  * Line numbering now an optional way to format output.
+  * Line wrapping is now much more precise. The ``wrap`` parameter now
+    specifies the line length desired, including however many characters
+    are consumed by prefix, suffix, and indentation.
+  * Vertical spacing is regularized and much better tested. The ``vsep``
+    option, previously available only on a few methods, is now available
+    everywhere. ``vsep=N`` gives N blank lines before and after the
+    given output statement. ``vsep=(M,N)`` gives M blank lines before, and
+    N blank lines after. A new ``Vertical`` class describes vertical spacing
+    behind the scenes.
+  * ``Say`` no longer attempts to handle file encoding itself, but passes this
+    responsibility off to file objects, such as those returned by ````. This
+    is cleaner, though it does remove the whimsical
+    possibility of automagical base64 and rot13 encodings.
+    The ``encoding`` option is withdrawn as a result.
+  * You can now set the files you'd like to output to in the same way you'd set any other
+    option (e.g. ``say.set(files=[...])`` or ``say.clone(files=[...])``). "Magic" parameter
+    handling is enabled so that if any of the items listed are strings, then a file of that
+    name is opened for writing. Beware, however, that if you manage the files option
+    explicitly (e.g. ``say.options.files.append(...)``), you had better provide proper open files.
+    No magical interpretation is done then. The previously-necessary
+    ``say.setfiles()`` API remains, but is now deprecated.
+  * ``fmt()`` is now handled by ``Fmt``, a proper subclass of ``Say``, rather
+    than just through instance settings.
+  * ``say()`` no longer returns the
+    value it outputs. ``retvalue`` and ``encoded`` options have therefore been withdrawn.
 1.0.4 (September 16, 2013)
-  * Bugfix of document build problem introduced by 1.0.4 on readthedocs
+  * Had to back out part of the common ``__version__`` grabbing.
+    Not compatible
+    with Sphinx / readthedocs build process.
 1.0.3 (September 16, 2013)