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 ``say()`` writes to a list of files--by default just ``sys.stdout``. But
-with it simple configuration call, it will write to different--even
+with one simple configuration call, it will write to different--even
     from say import say, stdout
     successfully packaged for, and tested against, all late-model verions of
     Python: 2.6, 2.7, 3.2, and 3.3, as well as PyPy 1.9 (based on 2.7.2).
- *  Debug printing via ``show()`` is now operational.
-    Draft support for interactive Python and iPython. Works within imported modules,
-    and at the interactive prompt, but cannot be used
-    within interactively defined functions. Unknown whether that is a hard limit
-    of Python introspection, or something that can be worked around over time.
  *  ``say`` has greater ambitions than just simple template printing. It's part
     of a larger rethinking of how output should be formatted. ``show()``
     is an initial down-payment. Stay tuned for more.

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-    version=verno("0.832"),
+    version=verno("0.833"),
     author='Jonathan Eunice',
     description='Super-simple templated printing. E.g.: say("Hello, {whoever}!", indent=1)',